I almost gave up...

Dear Queens and Kings,

Am I the only one tired of growing, all the time? Not because I don’t want to succeed but because I am tired of growing pains. Someone told me the other day promotion was coming to my life. I almost canceled my blessing because my mind said, “I don’t want it”. With every new level there is a new devil, and I am currently still trying to recuperate from this devil on this level.

There is a part of me that wants to grow without growing. That may not make sense. For me though, if I could get the promotion without the growing pains behind it or the attack that comes immediately after.

I am struggling. Because I started working at a new job, that I love. Absolutely love what I do. I get an opportunity to work with different communities and help them with economic development strategies. We get to speak to the community members and map out a plan based on community needs. I have even gotten involved with my own community. Sitting on the board for the Elyria Community Partnership Board. I feel like those two degrees God sent me to get are finally in use.

Super excited about the level of change an impact I can occur, and I believe God has sent me on this journey. Somehow, I established in my head that I want to be regular for just one moment. For one moment in my life, I just want to be average. I want to go to work and enjoy some downtime. But I have also abandoned some things in my life.

I built an earthly paradise for queens and some kings around the world to acknowledge their mental health in safe spaces with the help of God. Granted, I was losing my mind in the process. Not because of them but because I was and still am currently healing from the scars of life myself.

Earlier this year I preached at my church, God’s Kingdom International Ministries. My sermon was titled Taking Flight. This is the year that God said we would take flight. So, promotions are bound to happened.

In preaching this message I referenced the lines of many airlines. “Upon the event of a plane crash...apply oxygen to yourself first” Not your kids, not your family, not your husband or wife., YOU!! And somehow, I found myself in that situation. I can’t help anyone else until I can help myself.

As a leader, I recognize that I must lead by example. I can’t preach to you QUEENS and KINGS about effective mental health and not apply the same standards to myself. So, the past few months, I have been laid back and only moving when God instructs me to move.

As much as I have been still, God has been pruning me in this process as well. I am learning a thing or two about planning and organizing. I think my new position has heightened my ability to operate strategically.

There are several things as a business owner, I have learned I needed to go back to the drawing board. If you’re wondering where the coloring books are, I need to get some things in order before publishing my material. Courses and Workshops will be back this year, so please make sure you are subscribed to the website and connected to the Mentally Me Facebook page.

2021 Pillow Therapy Workshop Recap Session

Pillows are always available and guess what queens and kings, we got new colors and styles available. Some things to look forward to are new and limited pillow designs, a sister organization to come, blogs and videos (YouTube for this video coming soon…) , and a NEW Book in response to my 2020 book Little Red: The Power of Transparency.

The sister organization is one you want to watch out for, some of the functions here will be merged and there will be community events both virtual and in person available.

P.S. I really want to thank you all for being patient with me and loving me. For your willingness to join this journey with me. Loosing my mamma has been a roller coaster and you royals have been such an important part of my growth and healing. When I get back fully, and it’s coming, God is going to have his way for his royal people. Blessings on top of blessings, generational courses broken and growth beyond hurt.

-A New Mo

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