The Pre-recs to Qualification

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

In college, there are some courses you can’t take until you have a passing grade in your pre recs. Pre recs can be annoying, especially when you realize your only two classes shy of graduation. Unfortunately, the way pre recs work you can’t take both classes in the same semester. Which means instead of graduating in one semester, it takes two. But trust me the graduation is well worth it.

As annoying as these additional steps can be, there is a benefit behind doing things in order. You would not teach a child to walk before they knew how to hold their head up, crawl and stand. In the Journey to Healing Courses I can’t teach students the gift of you until they have first stepped out of their bubble, their comfort, the place that doesn’t allow them to see all that God has called them to be. Last week we talked about God choosing an unqualified version of yourself but even then God is constantly preparing us for the next level places he wants to send us.

Our reference point last week was Mary, the mother of Jesus, who, if not herself, others for sure, would’ve seen her as unqualified. She was young, her purity was questioned and if she was a 21st century woman, she would have doubted that she could carry the assignment full term. God didn’t waste any time in giving Mary her pre-recs to qualification.

In college, taking those pre recs are beneficial at preparing your mind to handle the things to come. If you were allowed to just take courses in any order, it’s likely you will fail the more complex classes because you didn’t take the time to process the foundational learning. Imagine getting a degree and not knowing how to apply any of the skills (that is what we call wasted money and time)

Mary was sent to her cousin Elizabeth household. Elizabeth was the mother of John, someone who wanted to be pregnant but doubted it when it finally happened. She was also visited by angel and 6 months into her pregnancy Mary comes over. The child hadn’t moved and in this phase it reasonable to suspect that she was either miscarrying or giving birth to a still born child.

Mental health is one of those things that affect each and everyone of us differently. There are so many women and men out there that know the feeling of not being able to carry a project full term. You may even be wondering if it will even work this time. You have had so many let downs in your term, so many false hopes that even though God has made you promise it just never seems real enough. Sometimes are minds can convince us because it didn’t work in the past that it will never work in the future. But God says something different about you.

Sometimes we don’t realize the resources that are available to help us in times of feeling low in our scale. 1 being I am done and ready for God to take me out of here and 10 being God has so much more in store and I am willing to chase after it. Which is why I composed a resource list for monthly subscribers and students enrolled in the course. There are so many groups, communities, workshops, counselors and organizations available to help you and there is nothing wrong with you for needing help.

When we read the bible, we see that Mary is strong, but for one moment lets replace Mary with you. It’s a bit overwhelming to have such a great responsibility in front of you. The facade we show the world can be more damaging than just telling your truth. So Mary and Elizabeth are linking up for a Pillow Therapy Workshop in essence, their coming together because both of lives are now connected and have been drastically effected by the man up above. They are going to eat, laugh cry and build on their mental health journey. Letting their hair down and propping their feat on their pillows because their feet get swollen carrying great gifts.

Elizabeth is Mary’s pre-rec! In the midst of her own storm God chose her to encourage somebody else. Someone who has given up on the promise of God. Someone who needed a midwife to help her carry full term. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months (some would say up until John was born). Mary, dealing with all that she had to carry had to ensure someone else did not give up on her gift, John, the very person that made a way for what Mary was carrying, Jesus. (Will save that for another post)

Of course these ladies stayed connected through the Mentally Me Facebook group or whatever they used to connect back then. Today, I come as your Mary. Reminding you to keep pushing on. Because one day your going to be the Mary for an Elizabeth. It’s okay to not always be okay. It’s okay to look at your life and think why is it always me. It’s okay to question if God is even listening to you. He knows your human and you have wounds that cut deep.

He recognizes that you have tried this before and it didn’t work last time. He knows your down to your last and that your ready to give up. He knows that your tired of going back and forth with people, things and situations. He knows that you want more for your life and your tired of dreaming for things that seem impossible.

God works best in impossible situations. If you felt like giving up please do me a favor and subscribe to the website because these blogs are going to help you in both seasons of bliss and anger. Between the blogs, courses, workshops, and mentorship you will not be left behind. This midwife is dedicated to pushing you beyond pain.

Never for one moment doubt that God is not moving in your life. Just because you don’t feel kicks of that gift within you doesn’t mean it has died. Just because your gift isn’t growing the way others have grown doesn’t mean it isn’t growing. Just because you have no idea what God is doing up there doesn’t mean he isn’t moving mountains for you. Just because your blessing aren’t coming the way you want them doesn’t mean he isn’t blessing you.

He knows that your gift serves a purpose because you have purpose. What you bring to the table nobody else can and he values who you are to the kingdom. Your life is no mistake and neither is your destiny. You will not stumble your way into this next phase of life he has for you. Begin to pay attention to the pre-recs he is given you.

If you know you are an author, why haven’t you started that blog, shared your story, gone live and helped his people. If you know you are a home owner, why haven’t you been building your credit and saving finances as best as you can. If you know you are a wife, why haven’t you been taking care of you, getting yourself mentally and physically healthy. If you know you are a business owner, why haven’t you wrote out your business plan and asked me about mentorship. If you know you are leader, why haven’t you been educating yourself on leadership.

Sometimes we think we can just advance to purpose, but purpose doesn’t come with out pain. Pain of the unknown, pain of transparency with self and others, pain of birthing purpose. Mary could’ve went home after a few days of visiting Elizabeth but she knew she had to pass this course. Mary understood that there was something in Elizabeth that needed to be birthed. Something that in the end helped Mary understand her purpose as a midwife. A task that she needed to know for herself.

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