The Season Is Changing (Tackling Seasonal Depression)

We know every year what to except for the months of October-December. Some have already started their Christmas shopping or there waiting for an amazing coupon or sale to drop on our website. Just stay subscribed you’ll get email blast each month if you’re interested. Between shopping for unique gifts like these amazing coloring books we just created, stuffing their face with hallows candy, the turkeys of November and egg nog for Christmas, we all know the feeling of resting on whatever kind of pillow is near by to fall into the best food coma.

This year’s self-care pillow baskets are still going to be available (comes with a pillow, coloring book, gloves, a hat and some extra surprises) but that’s not why we are here today! Today we know in our mind that seasons are coming up. It happens every year and every year a shift takes place. If you have the privilege to deal with a state that has all four seasons you are dealing with the cold temperatures that makes those gloves so perfect and the lack of outdoor activity that makes you want to throw a pillow or two (because I can’t figure out how to control the outside temperature or promote property damage).

If your blessed to not deal with colder temperatures and you don’t want gloves just post it in the notes, and EXTRA surprises are coming your way. Enough about those baskets, honestly, cold temperatures aren’t all that is happening. Some people have to look at couples for the next few months and not throw up. Because this is bae season. No more hot girl summers, it’s time to be cooped up and cuddled (ladies don’t loose your value, if he like it, then he better put a ring on it). Not everyone is delighted with a face of someone who both annoys you and makes you smile for this upcoming season and that alone can be cold mentally.

BUT by all means it doesn’t have to be cold. Love yourself, treat yourself and enjoy yourself this season. Matter fact get you a daily reminder that you are more than enough, because pillows are more than a sticky note. It’s just one way to take your décor from blah to YAAAAAS QUEEN (snap snap)!! Another tricky thing about this season is grief. You all know more than ever, how much I will personally miss my mother after loosing her March 2020. I have floated (because I can’t say I conquered) through Easter, Mother’s Day, the Fourth of July, and the other ones too. But these next few months are different.

October-December boils down to Christmas. Let’s face it, it’s a constant reminder. Stores are already prepared to throw Christmas decorations in my face. Halloween get’s it’s shine because of the candy, but Christmas Joy is coming around the mountain. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful but I’m not sure how long that holiday is anymore considering Black Friday is actually on Thursday now.

Grateful I have a custom memorial pillow of my mom, it gives me something to squeeze in my really hard moments. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed spending time with my mom on these holidays until she wasn’t here. Maybe it was her cooking or her laugh, regardless I don’t get her plates or get to hear her contagious laughter anymore.

These next few months are hard for a lot of people for multiple reasons, whether it is the hibernating below freezing temperatures that make you not ever want to leave the house, the annoying couples that want to post matching outfits and cute videos of chill sessions, or the overwhelming feeling of not wanting to celebrate without your loved ones. AND I ALMOST FORGOT, the mental health frenzy over the debt of wanting to give, give, give. Luckily aims will have plenty of sales to offset the stress, just jump on to our email list! Debt frenzy hits really hard in January when you realize how much money you have spent just to put a smile on someone’s face. Or the hurt of not being able to get the things you wanted to get for your loved ones or you.

Some of us don’t even realize we are down until we get too far deep! There is this thing called seasonal depression. I am not a therapist, so I am not diagnosing you! I haven’t even been officially diagnosed of this myself, but I know every year around this time, even before my mother, I get super drained and exhausted. The season changes and so does my mood. All I am asking you to do right now, is recognize if any of these things can effect you in the next couple months. If it does, then jump into these tips and stay connected to the blog.

TIPS to be proactive right now:

· Take advantage of any natural sunlight you can find, open the windows, step outside, go for a walk! Whatever it is, Sunlight is good! (Unless your me and you get sunburnt from your recent trip 😊, never do anything in excess anyway)

· Start positive journaling (join the mentally me Facebook group, we are discussing this concept for the next 30 days) This is an opportunity to think about what’s going right in your life every single day. Trust me, you can find something positive, and it gives you a forward thinking mindset. It won’t always be bad.

· Color, paint, doodle (it doesn’t have to be our coloring book) This is so important because adulting is not fun, so unlock that inner child who has no care for the negative energies the world has to offer like bills and cleaning. Do something creative that grabs your attention.

· Plan a trip (preferably somewhere warm-oh that’s a me thing) Regardless of where it is, it could be 30 minutes outside of your home on a weekend. Could be your aunts house and you turning your phone on do not disturb mode. Could be a stay cation, where you go places in your mind! Regardless plan, the planning itself can send a glimmer of sunshine into a dull season!

· Vitamin D3 supplements, take advantage of some vitamins that truly do help your mental health.

· Get counseling, seriously I am not a counselor, although the Journey to Healing courses can be seg way into counseling and I offer a resource list of tools and organizations to reach out to, there is nothing better than a regularly scheduled counseling session to air out all your issues and work through them and to celebrate your progress and success.

· Be transparent, don’t hold any negative feelings in by yourself, have conversations with those in your circle and release the pressure of a held secret off your shoulders. Little Red: The Power of Transparency shows us how beneficial transparency really is.

Remember, your mental health truly is important. If your looking for things to shift your atmosphere this season check out our newest addition to the store (coloring books) and also boost up your home with positive, affirmative and uplifting pillows! If you would like to begin your Journey to Healing sign up for the next class or simply get involved in our Mentally Me Group for community support! Stay tuned for workshops by subscribing to our email list!

Seasonal depression is a real thing, it happens to every day people. It doesn’t mean you have an illness, it doesn’t make you weird. Who wants to be normal anyway. Winter is generally a colder season and it can cause colder thoughts. Not those warm and fuzzy memories from summer. In knowing that being proactive to not slip into a deep dark whole is always helpful. You never know when it could be you! Covered traumas, the lost of loved ones, or just every day stresses can tip someone over at any given moment.

Life happens and that is okay. But you are needed and valuable. This season, the enemy doesn’t get to take hold of you, your vision, or your voice. Keep fighting and know that someone is fighting with you!!

If you have any topics, you want me to discuss, please let me know by emailing!

Until next time.


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