The Unqualified Version of You

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Have you ever been to a birthday party where people buy gifts that are a little advance for the child’s age? Or a baby shower where there were clothes for the next three years and hardly any newborn clothes. Everyone expects the baby to grow out of newborn clothes pretty quickly. What happens when the doctor requests an emergency c-section? When the baby is actually a premi and way too small for any of those clothes. Yes, the little bundle of joy will be able to fit them all one day and take pictures in their room next to their nursery pillow. But, in the meantime that child doesn’t fit anything that was given to them.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was just a 14-year-old girl. A girl who was given the gift of the Son of God through immaculate conception. Basically, the Holy Spirit came through and impregnated her. A girl who was engaged and expected to remain pure until her wedding night. Rather you believe in God or not, you can see here that Mary was put in a situation that mentally could cause some serious issues. I would actually enroll her in the four-week Journey to Healing Course because sis needs a good four weeks to unpack and heal from the scars that came with carrying the son of God. Her purity was questioned by her man, up until the point that an angel had to visit him, and then mankind questioned her too.

I think if Mary was anything like me, after accepting the gift that God had given me, I would question if I was actually able to carry it out. I would wonder why me, why do I always have to deal with the judgment on peoples faces, how am I going to be both this new wife and mother. Finally, what happens if I make one mistake raising him. All the mistakes I have made I am sure I will make more. Not even knowing that he would be the one to save me and the world. Sis needs a community like Mentally Me that’s going to encourage her and check on her during this season of her life.

Pregnancy is no easy task to begin with. Yes, Mary could have definitely felt unqualified to carry the assignment. But she recognizes both that it was gift, and that God chose that unqualified version of who she was. So today, I come to you letting you know, that God chose that unqualified version of who you are. You have so much to bring to the table and you may not think that you fit the gift just yet, but I promise that God knew you could carry this out.

You may not think you fit motherhood, fatherhood, being an owner of a business, that new position you keep bailing out on applying for, the role of a wife or husband, being a caregiver, the title of an author, someone who travels out of the country and so on. Guess what, it fits you, it was designed for you, and the doors that God has opened for you no man can shut. Doesn’t matter if you failed trying before what matters is that you get back up and try again.

There has been plenty of times where I thought I failed as the owner of, my sales went down, and I felt like I wasn’t qualified to carry the assignment. Not realizing that sis has a bachelor’s degree in promotional communications, where telling a story and creating strategic growth plans for social media, sales, and brands are all apart of the package. Sis also has her Master’s in Public Administration, where policy, effective leadership, ethics, management, budgeting and economics are all apart of the gift. Not to mention the lived experience of the things that I have endured. There had to be away to pillow talk my business effectively and promotes the inner growth and healing of others.

They used to call me Little Red, and she is the unqualified version that God chose for the assignment ahead of me. She was just a little girl from a small town who never knew anything outside of where she was. A little girl whose past owes her everything she is becoming. The thing about the unqualified version that God chooses is that he recognizes exactly where you are.

For one moment I want you think about everything you have been through. The good, the bad and the ugly. I want you to address the things that make you unqualified for your next level. Your next level of healing, your next level of success, your next level of growth. Is it the fact that no one in your community has ever gone to the heights that you want to? Or maybe the fact that you have children and their needs come first? Or is it that you can’t speak like other people, or dress the part how they do? Whatever it is, know this, the fact that no one else has done it is just another opportunity for God to showcase how amazing he really can be. If you really want an opportunity to walk this out, an impact session will be highly beneficial.

Your weaknesses are only opportunities for God to display his strength. Sometimes when I am making pillows, I am so focused on getting everything perfect not realizing that it is the slight differences that make each pillow unique. During one our Pillow Therapy Workshops, we had a young lady who messed up, but she didn’t allow the slight differences in her pillow to discourage her from continuing to build on her journey. She even decided on her last stage to intentionally be different. Realizing that the mistake wasn’t a mistake at all.

God says in your weakness, my strength is made perfect. So really, your weakness is your greatest strength. You may not believe that you are qualified for the assignment ahead of you but much like Mary God trust you to carry it out. You can get the job, you can start the business, you can produce greatness, you can have an effective ministry and you can go beyond where you have always been.

So, your clothes may not fit, and you may find self in a place where growth has taken longer than you expected but it is possible for you. Sometimes things are just in a not yet season. If you started the ministry and it didn’t work, don’t give up on it. If you applied for a position and it didn’t go through don’t give up. Your best days are still yet ahead.

If you’re looking for direction on accepting your gift, unqualified or not, take the time out to fast. Fasting isn’t just about not eating; it can literally be no TV or social media. Take the time out to focus on God’s plan for your life. The biggest mistakes come from trying to do things in your own strength. Why try to take a test blind when God has all the answers? He knows that you’re going to pass so let him help you get there. Fasting develops your ear and your spirit. Need help inquire about a fasting guide!

Of course, the courses are available for you, the monthly sessions are as well, depending on your need they all include those good impact sessions that Mary could have used. The subscriptions are designed to give you monthly access to tools, insight and resources that will only promote your mental wellbeing. Don’t allow the enemy to continue to remind you that you are not qualified when God knows exactly where you are. Sometimes God see’s things in us that we do not. He sees the talent, the growth, and the leadership before we even walk into it.

If your still feeling unqualified, take a moment and ask yourself on a scale from 1-10 where are you mentally. 1 being I can throw this year/month/week away and 10 being I can accomplish all that life has for me. If your answer is anywhere from a 1-3, know that it is okay, reach out to a local counselor, leader or someone you trust (holding things in can only harm us). 4-6 Keep looking toward your reward, continue to speak positive.7-8 Stay connected with likeminded people, your boundaries are important, and growth is still possible. 9-10 Keep that same energy, match your energy, and continue to take care of you. Regardless of what stage you are know that inner growth and healing are journeys and whether you want to start that journey or continue building feel free to follow up with me.

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