The Valley Experience

The sun light hits your face, you look ahead and notice the journey before you. It spirals but there is a promise ahead. The birds begin to whistle, the leaves are blowing down the trail. The waters are stirring peacefully, you notice the soft blues in the sky, the navy blue waters, the white waves and clouds, the green grass flowing in the wind, the yellow bird in the tree. But you can’t see past that low valley because the hills are in the way.

You have hills in your way, and your not always going to see your full picture. I can remember when I first started my business, I couldn’t even afford food so I couldn’t imagine a life outside of my current situation. I was being blessed don’t get me wrong, I like to say that my first year in business was beyond blessed. Yet, I was in no position to live the life I wanted to live. God didn’t give me the full picture.

I can remember putting in my two week notice for my first big girl job, I wanted to stay and earn all coins I could before I went back home to look for my next job. I didn’t get the picture that a few years later I would have my own business, a car note and paying rent. I couldn’t even do those things on my job. Wow, even that just encouraged me in this season.

Guess what, God didn’t tell me that they would tell me to leave that day, that they would treat me like a criminal when I returned with their equipment (chasing me down with security). God didn’t tell me that I was starting my business I thought I was taking time to look for a new job. God doesn’t give you the full picture.

Because if you really knew all that you would endure to get to where he wants you, you would decline the request. Had I known that within two years of me starting my business, I would have 3 big major shifts that challenged my faith walk completely. Had I known that I would have to move out and pay big girls bills on the mere faith that God would provide. Had I known that I would hit another rock bottom mentally and financially, I would have said NO!

God knows us a little more than we think. So he gives us choice on a daily to go after what he desires for us or to delay the arrival of where he wants us. Being in the valley is no fun, especially when you were just happy. The thing about happiness is that is temporary, where joy is eternal and can last in valley. Happiness can’t survive in the valley without joy.

This is where I stopped a few weeks ago before one of the lowest valleys this year. And yes, it’s only March! God took my momma home and she has her wings. I dropped her off knowing that I was going to pick her up. Had God told me I was going to loose my momma that day I wouldn’t have completed a grant application, had counseling where I actually talked about the good place me and my mom were in and did physical therapy. My mom left on a day that was going great, God had showed me so much and pushed me forward.

God would not dare show us the full picture, because the outcome is greater than the process. A grape, although delicious, would not agree to become the fine more expensive wine that it could be if it knew the grinding, the smushing, the pushing, the pulling, or the separating that it would take to get there.

Coping in the midst of the shifting that we may or may not be prepared for is different for everybody. For me, I need my pillow therapy. It allows me to do the things I love; stuffing and creating pillows, worshiping and praying. It allows my mind to refocus. As much as it saddens me I was looking forward to making a memorial pillow for my mom.

I take time to reflect on my story, I have not always been the pillow lady, I was first Little Red, and being transparent about my pain allows me to see the resiliency that God has built. Journaling produced my first book. Keeping my circle positive has also been a huge help. Surround yourself with winners and you have no choice but to win!

I am also a family person at heart, so spending my spare time with my family or adjusting my schedule to be with family has been crucial when in a valley experience. Accepting moments of silence is also extremely important. Valley Experiences often test what you learned in the garden. Those moments when you heard from God the most are preparation for the quite seasons. Don’t move too fast but don’t miss your opportunity to move forward either.

Often times our valley experience is also a preparation for what’s next. The garden prepares you for the valley, the valley prepares you for the high tops. I know this, with the year I have had in business and personally I am in my valley season. Yet, knowing that I am preparing for an overflow of abundance is reassuring as God will not leave you in that valley. Your valley seasons may try to break you but the hilltops will allow you to see a fuller picture (NOT FULL). It’s the season where you can both look back and look ahead. Where the load isn’t as heavy. Going up a steep hill is always harder than going down.

My current valley just so happens to come in the midst of launching the healing course. So, I know my high-top moments will be celebratory. Which is why I am moving forward with the Journey to Healing Course. I don’t want to be the only one healing this year. God said this is the year of intention and we will intentionally heal. We will address our past and own it!! We will talk about the traumas and the pain that we have endured. We will uncover the things under the rug we have tucked away.

So, this healing journey is actually on time for me in this season but It’s bigger than me. See you all soon!

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